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Engagement Photo Shoot In Nelspruit

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Engagement Photo Shoot With Lauren & Craig

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. We have known Lauren and Craig as a couple for quite some time now. Friends have been asking when Craig will ask the big question because they just simply are one of those couples where it’s obvious for anyone to see that they are meant for each other.

Lauren wanted something simple for their engagement shoot to get camera shy Craig comfortable with us in preparation for the big day! Both Lauren and Craig love spending time outdoors, so we decided on the vast and stunning backdrop that is Eden estate.

Craig is a simple guy, he considers anyone a friend if you can sit around a fire with him with a beer and some good conversation. So as our friends arrived for their engagement shoot, Craig greeted us with some beer. This completely changed the mood into something fun and casual for Craig.

We started their shoot on the train tracks that passes in front of Eden Estate’s main gate and ended up on the grass plains in the estate with some Zebra’s in the distance. Lauren’s petite frame was easily whirled around by Craig when we set them up between the sun-kissed grasses. We soon realised that we had little pepper tics joining us for the shoot but we carried on regardless.

Our instructions to camera shy Craig were simple just kiss and hold Lauren like a man in love. The result you ask? An engagement shoot that captured beautiful classic portraiture showing true emotion of a couple that are very much in love.

When two people are truly in love our job is just to click the shutter at the right moment.

We are excited to capture your wedding memories in September.

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