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Our Engagement – Guest Blog

Although we love the bush as we both work in a Private Game Reserve, we are just as fond of the ocean.  It was time for a beach holiday again.  We have been to Zanzibar and Mozambique, with Zanzibar our favorite and decided to head back there.  For my birthday Andrew gave me a brand new backpack, a book on Zanzibar and odds and ends to make my day special.  The book and bag was going to come in handy on this trip, this time we are going to explore Zanzibar better prepared, neither my backpack, myself or Andrew knew that were going other places!

Our flights were booked!  With each day we got more excited!  Then, the sad news of one of the domestic airlines that went bankrupt.  I was in tears, not only a holiday gone, but our money as well.

An hour of moping and we saw it as an opportunity…………..where else can we go, Kenya, Mauritius, Madagascar?

And so a new adventure began, Madagascar it would be!  We booked a 7 night trip on a boat with two of our closest friends, Island hopping in the North Eastern waters of Madagascar.

On 24 November 2012, two flights later and a beautiful drive through Ylang Ylang trees and forests, we arrived at the harbor.  On our boat, sailing off into the sunset and to our first Island, we celebrated seeing our friends who were in Zambia for the past year.  Another tough day in Africa with a gin and tonic, the sand between your toes, love and laughter, loving life on the beach……….…..pure bliss.

The next two nights we spent at Russian bay, a beautiful Island with cabins tucked away in the forest, canoeing, fishing and a camp fire on the beach.  Again, we all sighed with content, heaven……

The third morning was a stunner, Andrew and Johan went fishing at 5 in the morning and I just couldn’t fall asleep after seeing the sun licking the water from the porch of our Cabin.  What a view, me high up in the forest in our cozy cabin, a new day, another adventure, little did I know!

We left the island for our new destination after breakfast. On the way we stopped off at a Marine Nature Reserve. The waters were so clear that you could see the anchor drop on the bottom of the ocean, the fish swimming past, all of this from the deck of the boat.  We snorkeled for hours with Sea Turtles, reef sharks, anemones as big as a little house and colorful fish all around us.

With our new island destination, Mahalina in sight, we all jumped off the boat into the crystal clear waters and swam ashore.  Just as you think the pictures can’t be painted better for us, it just becomes even more magical.  We all sat on the beach, grateful and in awe of this paradise we were in.  Andrew and myself went for a walk to a sand bank where there were crab plovers.  With Andrew being a game ranger/avid bird watcher and me attempting to know more birds, I thought we were going to inspect the birds a little closer.  We walked through the turquoise waters to the sand bank.  Telling the story, the next part must seem so unreal, but it looked like there was seaweed brought in from the tide in the shape of a heart, I thought nothing of it.  I started walking in the sand, drawing a heart with my footprints.  Andrew giggled so much and started jumping up and down, left and right, zig and zag……..It took me a while to see what he was doing……….is it true?  I was reading the words ‘M-A-R-R-Y — M’ in the sand that he was making with his feet, I didn’t know what to do.  As a girl you always think that you will have this day figured out, and then your prince charming bowls you over with such a magical moment that you just freeze for a while, taking it all in, heart racing and tears building.   Half trying to compose myself, I was running towards him, while he was writing the E of ME, jumping in his arm and saying, “the person writing the E?” more giggles, hugs and kisses.  Andrew turned around and put the most beautiful ring on my finger, as blue as the ocean and as sparkling as the sun glittering on the water.  We were just so happy that we didn’t think of any formal, will you?  After a while Andrew still very giggly said “is that a yes?”, my reply……YES….. How PERFECTLY ROMANTIC! Oh, and of course he finished writing the E in the sand…….

We walked back to the camp and met our friends, told them the news and celebrated our engagement and Andrew’s dads birthday on 27 November 2012 with a fresh coconut, coconut juice, fresh pineapple and banana crushed into a cocktail.

It couldn’t have been more perfect, a perfect day, the perfect location, the perfect ring, the perfect pair, and sharing it with good friends?  Priceless.

I am sure to each woman, her engagement is the best, ours?  Epic, Wild, Romantic and pretty Beachy!

xxx Drienie Lourens xxx

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