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Nelspruit Matric Farewell Photographer

Matric Farewell Nelspruit Wedding Photographer Casterbridge
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Nelspruit Matric Farewell Photography Casterbridge


So these two “girls” stop in front of our studio all giggly and excited to plan their photo-shoot for their matric dance. All bubbly they try to explain the situation about who’s dating who now and who made promises before this boyfriend to go to the dance with and now the friend is going with . . .  They lost us somewhere in teenage drama and laughed it off as another episode of “these are the days of lives”


The girls had a ‘lost in woods’ type shoot in mind but we decided on Casterbridge for a more classic feel to their images and that this location would be easier on their heels!

Life is a beautiful thing, and we are our memories. With photography we get to capture these significant moments in people’s lives and reminisce about our own memories and remember you were once young and excited about the next chapter in your life. I think this is the greatest reward of our work.

Two beautiful ladies and an entourage of family and friends arrived at Casterbridge to witness this special day. Shannon and Tarien enjoyed the process entirely and we captured some gorgeous images of the ladies.

We wish you ladies a bright and exciting future and we hope that you grab each new chapter of your life story with both hands![/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”50″][vc_column_text]

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