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Currently working on a clients personal branding images for her new website and thought it might be a good topic to blog about today.

Why Personal branding?

I remember my mother coming home after an interview once and she frowned and said “the guy looked at my feet”. I’m frowning as I’m typing this and I think you are too! My mother got the job and she eventually asked him why he looked at her feet. His answer was simple and it made a whole lot of sense. See my mom applied for a bookkeeping job and this guy believed that irrespective of what a persons CV might say, if a person can look after themselves, take care of themselves and have the self-respect to take care of their feet, that person will take care of his books in the same way.

It might be a strange philosophy, or maybe he just had a foot-fettish but the more I think about it, there might be some truth in it.

Our website always had an image of my Fiancé on the “about us” page. When I was promoted to assistant I also got and image on the website. Me being assistant to a male photographer on weddings made a huge difference. I connect differently to woman, I help them get dressed, I connect, I’ve braided little flower girls hair, I get in under a dress if parts of the dress gets stuck. All of these things immediately make the bride connect with you and feel comfortable with you. Where with a male photographer, all of this might be a bit awkward. The same thing happens in studio. You help your maternity client get dressed, you help with a bra-strap, you touch their faces when stray hairs fall over their eyes. You are very much inside of their personal space.

So how does my studio experience compare to the next person. If you are a doctor, a physician, a physiotherapist, a beautician, a make-up artist, a hairdresser, a yoga instructor the list can go on. If you have a job where you are touching people, they want to know what you look like, because you will be in their personal space.

Now what about a financial consultant, or an Estate agent? If people are giving you their hard earned money to invest, they want to know what you look like.

Corporate headshots

corporate headshots 2017-01-31_0004

As the Systeco team grows we update their images for their Website.


Perfection lashes nelspruit

Perfection Lashes did a full product shoot with me for their website. You can follow this LINK to view the rest of the images I created for them.

Lets go back to this philosophy of feet. My mom always says, I might not be the skinniest, or the prettiest, or the most fashionable BUT I am always well groomed. Well groomed, now that is something we all can be in business. If I look good in portraits and people meet me for the first time, they know that I will make the same effort for them to look good in their images. If you take Dr. Corne’s portrait as an example, hell I will trust that smiling face any day to operate on my knee.

I will end of this blog with the following quote by Jay Danzie:

Image credit to my good friend Karen Musica from Phonix Capture.

Personal branding Marelize Coetzee portrait photographer

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